Greek Yogurt vs Frozen Greek Yogurt

To many people, frozen Greek yogurt is much more of a dessert than a healthy snack like Greek yogurt. Frozen Greek yogurt is not simply regular Greek yogurt frozen. If you have have ever tried to freeze Greek yogurt, you probably know that it turns out like a rock and not an ice cream texture. Additionally, it lacks the creamy ice cream taste because it lacks cream as an ingredient.

What about nutrition? We compared Dannon Oikos frozen Greek yogurt to 0% regular Greek yogurt, The serving size was a half cup and both flavors were vanilla.


Frozen Greek Yogurt: 150

Greek Yogurt: 95


Frozen Greek Yogurt: 3g

Greek Yogurt: 0g

Saturated Fat:

Frozen Greek Yogurt: 2g

Greek Yogurt: 0g


Frozen Greek Yogurt: 10mg

Greek Yogurt: 5mg


Frozen Greek Yogurt: 40mg

Greek Yogurt: 35mg


Frozen Greek Yogurt: 135mg

Greek Yogurt: 100mg


Frozen Greek Yogurt: 25g

Greek Yogurt: 14.5g


Frozen Greek Yogurt: 19g

Greek Yogurt: 13.5g


Frozen Greek Yogurt: 6g

Greek Yogurt: 8.5g


Frozen Greek Yogurt: 20%

Greek Yogurt: 10%  

Greek yogurt is much more nutritious than frozen Greek yogurt, as expected, based on the above numbers. However, frozen Greek yogurt isn’t really that bad for you assuming you stick to the 1/2 cup serving size. In reality, that serving size probably isn’t enough for a lot of people and they may end up eating a cup or more. We only compared vanilla flavor, however, the nutrition facts will obviously change wit different flavors. Proceed with caution before buying any Greek yogurt product if you are worried about nutrition because not all products, brands, or flavors are created equal. 

In another post we expect to do a taste test between different Greek frozen yogurt products so stay tuned. We also may also taste test regular Greek yogurt, but that may take time. Thanks for reading


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