A Look at Greek Yogurt and Sugar


Many people are concerned about their daily sugar intake for many health related issues. The biggest health issue today appears to be diabetes. Unfortunately for Greek yogurt lovers who are watching their sugar levels, there are not sugar free Greek yogurt products on the market. That is because Greek yogurt is made from milk. Milk naturally contains lactose, which is a natural sugar. While the straining process involved in making Greek yogurt takes out some of the lactose, it is still present in Greek yogurt. Greek yogurt will tend to have less sugar than regular yogurt because it is strained more, thus removing more lactose or sugar.

Since sugar free Greek yogurt is not available, we have sought out low sugar Greek yogurt options. We define low sugar as being 10 grams or less per single-serve (5.3 ounce) container. We found that almost all brands that we reviewed had some sort of low sugar product available. You can see a list of low sugar Greek yogurt brands/products via an article titled Sugar Free Greek Yogurt Brands at greekyogurt.me. Based on this list, you can see a variety of low sugar (10 grams or under) products, unfortunately, they are mostly all plain Greek yogurt. As flavor like fruit or nuts are added the sugar amount tends to increase significantly. A sampling of brands with low sugar content include: Brown Cow Plain 6 grams, Chobani Blended Plain 4 grams, Dannon Oikos Plain 6 grams, Fage Plain 7 grams, Stoneyfield Plain 6 grams, Nancy’s Organic Plain 7 grams, and Wallaby Organic Plain 4 grams. See the website above for a complete list of low sugar products and brands,

There are many options available for low sugar Greek yogurt; however the excitement factor with flavors is next to zero. Most people tend to add their own fruit when eating plain yogurt. Fruits do have natural sugar but adding your own fruit is typically a better option than buying a Greek yogurt with a sugar added topping. Sugar free Greek yogurt would be nice but in today’s world it just isn’t a reality. For most people, a small amount of sugar is no big deal and fortunately there are numerous products on the market for those seeking low sugar yogurts. 


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